Former NBA Star Says Carmelo Anthony Deserves Better Than The Knicks

A cloud has been sitting over Madison Square Garden this season as the Knicks were hit left and right with drama. Started with the team not living up to the hype after the addition of Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Courtney Lee. The team actually started looking good mid-season sitting at the 5th seed but fell apart. Noah and Porzingis were injured, Brandon Jennings was traded to the Wizards and Phil Jackson started talking to the media about his team.

Then the off-the-court mess with Rose’s rape accusation, Anthony’s separation from actress and Charles Oakley’s fight with Knicks’ management.

Oakley stayed away from the Knicks, even after he was allowed back to the Garden. Oakley was seen at the BTIG charity even and told TMZ that Anthony needs to leave the Knicks:

“I think he just needs to get out of New York.

This city is just you know, so much going on with management. You know, you deserve better but you have to speak up for yourself.”

The teams he recommended were Thunder, Jazz or Clippers.

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