Democrat Staffer’s Murder May Have Been A Set Up & Not Robbery Gone Bad

Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was gunned down in Northwest D.C during the presidential campaign last July. It was said the murder was a robbery gone bad but now it seems there was possible motive for someone to have Rich killed.

According to Fox 5 DC, a private investigator named Rod Wheeler, who was hired by Rich’s family, found evidence that Rich was communication with WikiLeaks prior to his murder. Wheeler believes there is a cover up and the FBI and police department were told to back down as neither have been cooperating. Wheeler, a former homicide detective.

Before this, the FBI forensic report of his computer showed he did make contact with WikiLeaks through investigator reporter Gavin MacFadyen who is now deceased. 12 days after Rich’s death, WikiLeaks published several DNC emails that showed officials conspired to stop Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont to becoming a candidate. Debbie Schultz resigned as DNC chairperson after the publication. Leader of WikiLeaks did not identify Rich as his source according to FOX News.

His murder is still unsolved.

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