Chiefs’ Alex Smith Thinks Drafting QB Is Deja Vu With 49ers & Colin Kaepernick

I did state this on the social networks that it was odd to me that the Kansas City Chiefs not only drafted a quarterback but traded UP to get a quarterback.

In this year’s draft, Chief’s drafted Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahones II. Many on my social network responded that Chiefs quarterback, Alex Smith, will not be replaced and will train Mahomes. Smith and myself think otherwise according to Adam Teicher’s ESPN report.

“There is a little similarity. I’m an older quarterback, and they drafted a kid that’s coming in young and they’re looking to develop.” – Alex Smith

Smith was replaced by free agent quarterback Colin Kaeperncik after Smith suffered a concussion in 2012 after a 6-2 start. When Smith was ready to come back and play, the 49ers and former coach Jim Harbaugh decided to keep Kaepernick in. They made it all the way to the Super Bowl but lost to the Baltimore Ravens. Smith was then released.

But we can agree that this is the Chiefs organization and not the 49ers who fell off over the years.

“This is a completely different coaching staff and a completely different team.

I think I’m a much different player.

In that sense it’s very different. They did bring me here, and I’ve been here four years. I’m in my fifth year now. It was different there. Those were still new faces, so to speak, and I wasn’t necessarily their guy or anything like that.” – Alex Smith

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