Woman Killed Baby Father’s Girlfriend Because She Was Getting “Jumped”

The brother of the suspect in the killing of Tatyanna Lewis says there’s a reason why his sister, Chynna Stapleton, reacted the way she did. Lewis was killed after Stapleton rammed her with her 2002 Jeep Liberty several times on a Friday night. Stapleton and Lewis had an ongoing beef as Lewis was dating Stapleton’s baby’s father. Lewis is also the daughter of a Chicago police officer.

According to Kansas City.com, her brother says she was getting jumped when the took met each other to fight. He told the Chicago Sun-Times:

“She was fighting for her life.

They jumped my sister. She was just trying to leave. Everybody is against her. That lawyer, state’s attorney, whatever, doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Witnesses claim that when Stapleton was all bloody after the fight stopped and she walked to her SUV. That’s when Lewis kicked her Jeep when Stapleton was driving away. She then yelled “I’ve got something for you”, jumped the curve and hit Lewis with her Jeep. Lewis did trip trying to get away. Stapleton reversed and hit her again, killing her.

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