Gang Violence & Murders Increase From Seattle To King County

We always look at Chicago and forget about other major cities in the US.

Seattle Times posted a report that shootings and homicides have increased from Seattle toking County because of their gangs. Seattle is only 19 miles away from King County. Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell told Seattle Times he is worried about this summer:

“I’m very concerned about this heating up in the summer months. I’m very concerned about the high-caliber weaponry that’s being recovered (by police).

It’s why we’re linking up arms regionally and addressing this in a comprehensive way.”

It’s been reported that the disputes between Seattle’s rival black street gangs in Central District and Rainer Valley is spilling throughout the city. There has been at least 14 homicides, dozens of injuries and numerous cases of shooting on that stretch from Seattle to King County.

Police and federal law enforcement have teamed up and will focus on gang hot spots.

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