Brooklyn Lawyer Gone Mad! Arrested For Fighting At DA’s Party, Bar Brawl & Trying To Pay Off Cops

Former Brooklyn lawyer Matthew Knouff was arrested recently for fighting a Midtown steakhouse according to the NY Post. Knouff got into it with two women when the hospitality director told him to leave. That’s when Knouff punched him and fled. However, he forgot his credit card at the bar. HE was arrested shortly after.

This isn’t the first time Knouff let his anger get the best of him. Few years back, Knouff got into it with patrons at the Brooklyn DA’s Christmas party and threw a brick through the window at the Dumbo restaurant. He then was arrested for fighting cops that tried to arrest him. He was suspended from the DA’s office but fired when he got into it with a cab driver and police. He tried to pay off cops after he pretended to be a cop when he couldn’t pay the cab driver. He worked on the narcotics cases with the DA.


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