Advertisement In Mayweather-McGregor Fight Will Cost You Millions

The asking price for sponsorship in the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight this August will cost you double the amount it was for the Mayweather-Paccquiao fight back in 2015. ESPN reports that the asking price is $10M:

The sponsoring company would get its logo at the center of the ring at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, its branding on ring girls, on two of the ropes and in the two nonfighter corners of the ring. The deal also includes sponsorship of the first minute of every round on the broadcast and $500,000 in tickets.

There are other deals. You can buy one of the fighter’s corner for $5M which includes signage, broadcast corner cam and $250k in tickets. According to VividSeats, the cheapest ticket in the nose bleed starts at $2100. Around the ring, it’s $20,000 plus.

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