College Student Back In NY For Summer Break Gets Killed

Justin Hackley, 20-year old Delaware State University student, went back home to Brooklyn NY for summer break and was shot dead during a street fight with a gunman over a friend’s ex-girlfriend. Reports from NY Daily News claim Hackley got into the brawl and was shot in the chest, neck and head around 11:35pm yesterday in Flatbush. His friend was stabbed but survived. Security footage shows Hackley and his friend fight with a group of men that spilled in between parked cars. When the shooting and stabbing happened, they tried to flag down a car for help but it took 10 to 12 cars before someone finally stopped & get Hackley to the hospital.

Hackley was actually in New Jersey with his father and half-brother before he came to Brooklyn.

A gun was recovered and 24-year old was taken into custody according to

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