Ex-Prisoner Misses Interview To Save A Man’s Life In Connecticut

Aaron Tucker was on his way to an interview after leaving a CT halfway house in Bridgeport CT. On route to the bus boy Dinosaur Bar-B-Que interview in Stamford, he saw a car flip over in front of the bus.

According to NY Daily News, the bus driver was not concerned but Tucker got off the bus even though the driver told him he was going to leave him which would make him miss him interview. He unbuckled the driver’s seat belt and removed the driver from the overturned car. The victim was bleeding from his head and Tucker gave him his shirt that he was wearing for the interview to stop the bleeding. Two people nearby came to to assist.

Many in the Westport area are praising Tucker as a hero and even though he missed his interview, he has been offered three more interviews for other jobs in construction and rubber factory.

Westport community started a GoFundMe page for him and have raised $3,000 so far.

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