Body Part Appears From Dirt As Casket Is Lowered During Burial

85-year old Cleveland Butler was being laid to rest at the Mount Holiness Memorial Park in New Jersey when a decaying foot appeared.

According to NY Post, a decaying footed was uncovered while the casket was lowered into the ground.

“We all looked down and we were looking at what apparently was a human foot and leg wrapped in plastic, with cloth wrapped around it, sticking out on top of my father’s casket” – Alonzo Butler

The workers at the cemetery supposedly dropped a pack of cigarettes and a cell phone into the open grave according to the family. They were removed.

The family might file lawsuit.

The caretaker Bill Plog told NY Daily News, “There was a casket. It deteriorated. You can purchase a concrete vault, but people don’t. That grave there is from 1969 . . . It’s unfortunate that this happened, but this is a graveyard.”

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