Santana Moss Says RG3 Flaunted Getting Shanahan Fired! RG3 Strikes Back

Robert Griffin III and Santana Moss use to be teammates on the Washington Redskins until it crumbled. Moss had some things to say about his former quarterback. He told The Fan in Washington that RG3 glorified that coach Mike Shanahan’s firing after he benched him for a few games:

“Come 2013, all of [a sudden] it’s a whole big dilemma in the locker room, in the meeting rooms, and just in our building, that, you know, the man, Mike Shanahan, and RG is not seeing eye to eye..and before you know it, RG’s not playing. … I’m not sure if that was [Griffin’s] whole plan, but when the whole thing went about, we hear that Mike Shanahan’s not coming back the next year, then we hear the quarterback like, ‘Hey, mmhmm.’ Like basically saying that, ‘Hey, you got me out of here not playing last year the last few games, then that’s what happens. You get fired.’

Moss did say he looks at RG3 like a brother but you cannot gloat about getting someone fired:

“As much as I love [Griffin] as a person, bro, and as much as I know from how you came into these doors, that was the dumbest mistake you could ever make in this league, because it’s one of those brotherhoods.”

RG3 went to Twitter claiming Moss was telling lies and that he’s been lied on a lot over the years:

“No subtweeting needed. Santana Moss, I treat you like a brother & have always had your back. To openly lie about me is a betrayal…..

“Been lied on a lot over the years.

“Put in an impossible situation w/ a coach who never wanted me. Made players like Santana Moss a believer through hard work, film study.”

RG3 is currently a free agent after a season with the Cleveland Browns and 3 seasons with the Washington Redskins. Moss is currently working as a color commentator for the Arena Football League. He played in the league for 13 years.

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