Black Lawyer Killed In CT! Family Says Cops Covering Up Murder; Danbury Attorney Argues Suicide, Then Accident

Attorney Gugsa Abraham “Abe” Dabela was found dead in his overturned car back in 2014 with a gunshot wound in the back of his head. FOX News reports that Dabela crashed his Mercedes SUV on his way home in Redding Connecticut shortly after 1:30am on April 5, 2014. His blood-alcohol level was near 2.5 times over the legal limit after visiting a sports bar.

At first, the medical examiner ruled it a suicide. Now, it’s been ruled an accident and that when his car rolled, the firearm discharged according to Danbury State Attorney Stephen Sedensky.

Dabela’s family and NAACP filed suit claiming that he was murdered and believe the police in Redding conspired to cover up the crime. There are several reasons why:

1. He opened up his solo practice in Redding which is a predominantly white town and began to feel unwelcomed after moving there. This was confirmed as he sent his friend on Facebook stating he was uncomfortable, “All the firehouse dudes were looking at me salty.”

2. He accused the local police department of violating the Second Amendment. Dabela was very passionate about gun rights.

3. Dabela’s father said his son had issues getting a concealed handgun back in 2013 as Redding police wrongly delayed his application.

4. He was at odds with the city officials as his practice focused on unfair property taxes. It was reported that he got into a heated argument with an official days before his death.

5. Medical examiners quickly ruled a suicide. Dabela’s family attorney says, ‘When a person is found with his car in a ditch and bullet in his head, how is that not going to be investigated as a crime, even if an investigation is done and several months later they conclude this was a suicide?”

6. There were two wounds in the back of his head but police say the bullet entered from the left side of his head to prove the suicide theory. However, Dabela is right-handed.

7. The handgun in the SUV did not belong to Dabela and his hands were never tested for gun residue. His DNA was never found on the trigger but was found on the gun. There were actually three other people’s DNA on the gun but can argue it was from the people he met at the sports bar and restaurant as he was handing out his business card.

8. Police claim he was depressed and suicidal but his friend that was with him at the bar says Dabela was in good spirits. The bar owner agreed.

9. There was a muddy footprint found on his back.

10. A 911 call was made but the person suddenly hung up.

11. A text message “turn, he just didn’t” was sent to his phone right before his accident. It was deleted from his phone while it was in police custody according to the defense attorney Solomon Radner.

Again, this was ruled a suicide at first, then changed to an accident. Back in June, Sedensky said in a statement, “The evidence does not support a conclusion that Attorney Dabela’s death was a homicide.”

Keith Altman, one of Dabela’s lawyer, released a statement in June, “After having the case for more than three years, the State’s Attorney only issued a half-page public statement but no official report. We are astonished that instead of limiting his statement to a conclusion that the evidence is insufficient for his office to establish that a homicide took place, Sedensky went beyond his role and stated that no homicide occurred.

This is a statement that means no available physical evidence supports a homicide finding, which is patently false. His statement is irresponsible and not the sort of statement prosecutor’s typically make and we eagerly anticipate questioning him on the record next month,”

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