NBA Owner Says There’s A Chance He’ll Run for President

When asked about the 2020 presidential campaign, this NBA owner said on ESPN that there is a chance he might run. A very small chance, but there is a chance. Mark Cuban stated, “I’d say it’s 90% no and 10% yes because i think my wife might divorce me.”

“Aspirations? No. Would I consider it? Yes. Am I leaning towards it? No. It’s not my all-time goal to be president. It’s certainly not my aspiration to have a political office. I wouldn’t run for any other office. Do I think I can be effective? Yes, but I have no desire to be a politician. If I did something, if I ran for office, if I ran for president, it would be because I thought I could have an impact.”

The 59-year old Dallas Mavericks owner has no political experience. Before becoming an NBA owner, he was a bartender and a salesperson for Your Business Software reatailer in Dallas. He started his own PC software company which became an early proponent of technologies like Carbon Copy, Lotus Note and CompuServe. He sold it for $6M. He was involved with several computer and broadcasting companies including, IceRocket, ABC, Magnolia pictures and more.

He purchased the majority stake of the Mavericks in January 2000 for $285M.

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