Possible Serial Killer In Tampa Florida; 3 Dead

Police fear that a serial killer may be on the loose in Tampa Florida as three people have been shot dead within a 1-mile radius in a quiet Seminole Heights neighborhood according to reports. There is no motive or suspect at this time and the victims did not know each other. There are three things the victims have in common: none of them were robbed, they rode the bus and were alone when they were shot on the street.

The city has put dozens of police in the area and the FBI plus the Bureau of ATF are helping.

The victims were 22-year old Benjamin Mitchell, 32-year old Monica Hoffa and 20-year old Anthony Biaboa. First killing was October 9th, second on October 11th and the last on October 19th.

Kids were escorted to school today and buses changed their usual routes for safety.

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