Fraternity, Whose Under Investigation For Pledge’s Death, Beat Up Florida State Kicker

Pi Kappa Phi fraternity is under investigation after pledge Andrew Coffey died after a party on November 3. Florida State Seminole kicker, Ricky Aguayo, told police after a game in 2016 that he was jumped by the same fraternity after missing field goals against rivals Florida Gators.

Aguayo went to the house around 3 a.m. on Dec. 2 when people started yelling at him for his performance. Then he was beaten by several members of the fraternity. He denied medical treatment and did not press charges when police arrived to the incident. Police confirmed blood on his face and ripped shirt. Aguayo, however, went back to the frat house with teammate Ryan Izzo but the party was over when they arrived. reports there are dozens of police reports related to the fraternity.

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