Cowboys Dez Bryant Says If Asked, He Will Refuse Pay Cut

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant will be entering his 9th season in 2o18 and he hasn’t passed the 1,000 yard marker since Tony Romo and the 2014 season. Cowboys might be targeting a receiver in this upcoming draft (and defense and offensive linemen) and with that being said, reconstructing Bryant’s contract may be an option since he’s supposed to be making $13M next season.

He told NFL writer Marc Sessler, “I haven’t heard no talks about that, but if it comes — well, I don’t know. Probably not. Hell, no, man. I believe in me.” On the Cowboys website, he said “I felt like a lot of times I looked damn good. Then, I’d get to thinking about certain things and — you know, it bothers me. That’s all I can say.”

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