Teen Found Dead Weeks Before Testifying Against Her Accused Rapist

16-year old Mujey Dumbuya, from Michigan, was found dead four days after she disappeared from her school East Kentwood High according to CBS. Reports state the death is suspicious.

Dumbuya was scheduled to testify against Quinn Anthony James, 42, who was arrested for raping her. Reports claim it started back when she was 15 and when James worked for the school district. James allegedly forced her to have sex multiple times in various locations. He claims it was consensual. He was arrested in November 2017 and the trial was set for April on January 22 2018. The school district fired him after the November arrest.

James was out on bail when Dumbuya disappeared on January 25 and arrested earlier this month in an unrelated case for sexual assault on a minor according to the NY Times.

CBS confirms James is Dumbuya’s boyfriend’s uncle and a criminal history dated back to 1991.

Investigation is ongoing.

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