Gangs Threaten Producer of Aaron Hernandez Movie

Reports coming from several sources claim that Mark Gordon, the producer of an upcoming movie about Aaron Hernandez called “All-American Murder”, has received several threats from gangs. Another producer, Todd Guzze, left Gordon messages claiming he has rights to an Aaron Hernandez film and to stop production. He also says in the message that Hernandez was part of Latin Kings and the Bloods and hes “keeping them at bay right now.”

Gordon also said Guzze threatened him with physical harm saying, “I don’t need to tell you how the gangs work”.

Gordon is asking for a restraining order against Guzze.

Guzze told TMZ, “Mark Gordon has taken this too far. Aaron Hernandez is a very sensitive story and I’ve made him aware on multiple occasions that no one is doing this story but the family and the original partners that were closely tied to Aaron and his estate.”

Gordon is known for producing big movies like “Saving Private Ryan”.

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