Texans Owner Regrets Apologizing for ‘Prison Inmate’ Comment


He wants his apology back.

Reports coming from The Wall Street Journal that Texans owner Bob McNair regrets apologizing for the controversial comment, “we can’t have the inmates running the prisons”. This comes after President Donald Trump’s statement that NFL players should be punished for kneeling during the national anthem no matter the reason behind the protest which was to bring awareness in police brutality against minorities. Trump’s comment and McNair’s had players kneel even more and for the Texans, some players even left the field.

However, McNair claims that the comments were towards league executives, not players.

“We were talking about a number of things, but we were also washing some of our dirty linen, which you do internally. You don’t do that publicly. That’s what I was addressing: The relationship of owners and the league office. In business, it’s a common expression. But the general public doesn’t understand it, perhaps.”

Per Bleachers Report, McNair claims he would sign players who protested.

It’s obvious we can’t go off by his initial statements anymore.

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