Teacher Starts Dating Her 20-Year Old Lover’s Older Brother; Then She’s Gunned Down on Mother’s Day


A Pennsylvania teacher was gunned down on Mother’s Day and police are in a wild goose chase.

Per reports from PEOPLE, 33-year old Rachael DelTondo was shot several times on May 13 in her mother’s driveway. Police have a list of people they’re interested in including DelTondo’s 20-year old lover Sheldon Jeter Jr.

The two became romantically involved when he was 17. Police caught DelTondo and the Aliquippa High School basketball and football star in a parked car at 2 a.m. with steamed up windows last October. She was never charged but the incident was leaked by the police department and she was suspended. District Attorney David Lozier said the leak was a “personal vendetta” per Pittsburgh CBS. The department was suspended from using statewide databases when the leak happened.

Her fiancé Frank Catroppa, a wealthy businessman, canceled their engagement after the incident with Jeter.

A few hours before the fatal Mother’s Day shooting, Deltondo was with a teenage girl named Lauren Watkins. They went to pick up Tyrie Jeter, Sheldon’s older brother and went out for ice cream. Sheldon texted Tyrie to see if they were already there and Tyrie said “yes”. Sheldon texted back “I got left huh” with six smiley faces. Watkins then dropped Deltondo off and left with Tyrie per search warrants. Then Deltondo was shot to death.

Watkin’s father is Sergeant Kenneth Watkins & he’s on administrative leave. What’s interesting is that Watkin’s mother, Stephanie, has been served a search warrant in regards to her Facebook.

At the time of her murder, Deltondo was dating Jeter’s other older brother, RaShawn Bolton and has been since December. Jeter and Bolton got into an altercation about Deltondo three months before the murder. Deltondo was present when the fight happened and according to Bolton, Jeter yelled “That [expletive] told me she was with Amy. If my brother wasn’t here, I’d f**k you up.”

Jeter told police he met Deltondo that day at a convenience store and video shows Deltondo was in fact at the gas station, but not Jeter. His attorney Michael Santicola tells KDKA, “I do not think the discrepancies are incriminating.”

The district attorney does not believe this shooting is random. There was a possibility that Deltondo was going to testify for corruption in Aliquippa.

In my opinion and going off the investigation so far,  the motive for her murder was to keep her quiet in regards to the corruption or a jealous rage.




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