LaVar Talks How Wife’s Stroke Was To Shut Her Up; Took Her Wheelchair to Avoid Ruining the House


When it comes to the Ball family, for the most part, you hear about LaVar, Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo. You don’t hear much from or about Mrs. Ball. With a outspoken husband like LaVar, we could understand why she tries to be the peaceful wife but she’s actually recovering from a stroke she had in 2017 that nearly killed her.

The Washington Post wrote a story about that February moment. Tina asked her father Bob to come to her home to fix their garbage disposal. She was in another room when Bob was about to start. He walked into the room when she called him and saw her head jerk back and collapsed on the sofa with her eyes rolling back.lavar2

LaVar and her parents, mostly her parents, are helping during her recovery. “I coach Tina, like, you know, on a tough basis the same way I do my boys,” LaVar says, “ can solve a stroke. It just takes time.” He said during the recovery he took her wheelchair, not to help her, but to avoid ruining the house.

Besides him flaunting his cruel ways, he did mention how proud he was of Tina.

“As long as she can smile, give a kiss and a hug. I’m good.”

Then LaVar said, “That’s probably why she had the stroke, so she can be quiet for a minute.”

“The Lord said: I’m going to tuck her away in this hospital for a minute, LaVar, till you finish doing what you’re doing.” He makes it clear he didn’t let his wife’s health interrupt his plans for success. “She’ll be a little — excuse my language — [messed] up, but she ain’t gonna die”.

I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. LaVar is a pro when it comes to expressing himself with no filter or any regard to anyone. No matter how heartless it is.


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