School Counselor Smiles in Mug Shot After Getting Caught in Bed With a 17-Year Old Ninth Grader


A Texas middle school counselor smiles in her mug shot after she was arrested for an improper relationship with a student. Shannon Hathaway, 33, was caught in bed naked with the 17-year old. According to Star-Telegram the student broke up with her after his mom caught them.

The ninth grade student’s sister told the school about the relationship early May when he told her about them having sex at the counselors home as he felt he could trust her with this information. The HEB Independent School District started an investigation with Bedford Police before the arrest yesterday morning.

His sister even claims that Hathaway told her she was planning to leave her husband for her brother.

The student told investigators it was consensual sex. They had sex multiple times at her house and his mother’s house.

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