Shooting Victim Moves Under Sheet After Chicago Paramedics Assumed He Was Dead At Crime Scene; He Later Dies


Six people were shot at ABLA Brooks Home complex in Chicago early Monday morning.

According to Chicago CBS, paramedics arrived and covered 17-year old boy Erin Carey with a sheet with the assumption he was dead as he had several gun shot wounds to the head. They then moved on to treat other victims.

However, a woman nearby screamed “he ain’t dead” according to the Chicago Tribune. Carey started moving under the sheet and police notified the paramedics the teen was alive. First Deputy Police Superintendent Anthony Riccio is unsure how long he was laying there alive before paramedics performed CPR. He was pronounced dead this morning.

One of the victims, 22-year old Shalonza Mctoy, died at the scene with gunshot wounds to her head, chest and arm.

Riccio told Chicago Tribune that the surviving victims are not cooperating with the investigation but police believe an argument at a party is what caused the shooting. The gun that was used is believed to be a MAC-10 submachine gun.

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