City Council Members Want Bronx Bodega Shut Down After Teens Murder: “No Longer Worthy of Doing Business in NYC”


Three city council members are demanding that Cruz and Chiky Grocery on E. 183rd in the Bronx be shut down immediately after the brutal murder of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz.

After the 15-year old was dragged outside the bodega and stabbed multiple times & then he went back inside the bodega asking for help but the workers shooed him away. He died a few blocks down the road in front of the hospital.  Now the city wants them closed.

NY Daily News reports Ritchie Torres, Vanessa Gibson and Rafael Salamanca, all council members, wrote a letter to the Department of Consumer Affairs this week stating the store did not show “good moral character” required of a business.

“An owner who stands by idly while a 15-year-old is dragged out of his store and murdered in cold blood with a machete is no longer worthy of doing business in NYC.

While it might be unfair to expect a business owner, untrained in law enforcement, to perform heroics in the midst of savage gang violence, the failure to do something as basic as calling 911 is morally unconscionable.”

Eight suspects have been arrested in the murder.



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