Damian Lillard Tells Us How He Would Feel If Blazers Traded Him to Lakers

The latest trades and pick ups in free agency have been a hand full as the West gains more superteams and the East remains quiet (for now).

Blazers are one of the teams in the West that hasn’t made superteam moves and franchise player Damian Lillard is fine with that. Lillard went on Twitter for a Q&A and was asked about the superteams like the Warriors and if it’s good for the NBA. Lillard responded, “It’s not about loyalty because this is business..its just not my style.”

Then when asked if he would be happy if he was traded to the Lakers, a new superteam with the addition of LeBron James, Javelle McGee and Lance Stephenson, he said he would be happy but that’s just because he’s “typically a happy camper.” Lillard signed a 5 year contract for $139 million and can opt in 2020. A fan caught his reply and joked people would make it seem like he wants to be traded.

With that being said, what if Blazers dont make it far in the playoffs again and decides it’s time to make that superteam move. Warriors Kevin Durant just signed a 2 year contract and will be able to opt out after this upcoming season. Lillard said he would take Durant if the opportunity presents itself next year.

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