Judge Knew New Haven Man Threatened His Victim But Released Him; 12 Days Later, Kills Nurse & Almost Kills Another


A new report has come in claiming that Danueal Drayton’s violent history towards women wasn’t bought to a judge in a recent case.

NY Daily News states that Drayton, 27, choked his ex-girlfriend in Long Island park and the prosecutor mistakenly told the Judge Erica Prager he had no criminal history. He was released and went on to murder a Queens nurse Samantha Stewart and almost killing another woman.

Drayton has three prior arrest in Connecticut involving strangling and assaulting women back as far as 2011. He strangled his girlfriend in 2011, assaulted the same woman in 2012 and assaulted another woman in June of this year. He was still on probation when the assault happened. The woman, Zynea Barney, was stunned prosecutors didn’t know since it was easy for her to look online and find out herself. She claims she did a search after their relationship turned bad.

Judge Prager was told Drayton sent threatening messages to Barney before she released him on July 5.

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