$73 Million Worth of Fake Jordans Sold From Brooklyn & Queens


Five people were arrested for selling counterfeit Jordan sneakers in the amount of $73 million. Per VLADTV, the Jordans were shipped to Newark from China and sent to Brooklyn and Queens.

ICE agent Angel Melendez made a statement:

“These five individuals are alleged to have been a part of a large-scale counterfeiting scheme, importing nearly a half million pairs of knock-off Nike sneakers. These counterfeiting networks can be both detrimental to our economy and threaten our national security, and HSI will continue to take every measure in investigating and dismantling these organizations.”

The jumpman logos would be added to the shoes before being shipped out to the market for sale.

The suspects arrested are Miyuki Suen, Jian Min Huang, Songhua Qu, Kin Lui Chen and Fangrang Qu.

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