Nicki Minaj’s Claims Are False; Spotify Confirms Their Campaign, Billboard Helped Her Numbers, Not Their Fault She’s At #2


Nicki Minaj went on Twitter and had a temper tantrum after it was confirmed that Queen went #2 on the Billboard and Travis Scott remained at #1. After blaming Kyle Jenner and Stormi, she went after Spotify favoritism and discrimination.

Spotify released a statement after Nicki said they tried to “teach her a lesson”:

Spotify supported Nicki Minaj with a Times Square billboard, a host of the largest playlists, New Music Friday and the new music release shelf. Her song ‘Bed’ actually saw an increase based on the promotions put behind the campaign. The company continues to be big fans of Nicki.”

It’s not like Minaj always at a #1 album. Maybe this time the Cardi B fans are around.


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