Trump Executive’s Wedding Almost Ruined As Her Future Husband’s Mistress Reveals Affair On Wedding Day


Brianna Ehland, Trump Organization executive, wasn’t expecting this on one of the most important days of her life. A Vegas waitress named Mayra Angel posted pictures, on Ehland’s wedding day, of her affair with the man Ehland was about to marry.

Per Page Six, she hash tagged the couple’s wedding and marked then at their wedding venue. So not just the soon-to-be married couple notice the pictures, but so did the guests. It’s also reported that she got his initial tatted on her rib cage.

Cory Perlson denies the affair but admits they met months ago and only seen each other three times even though it only takes one time for something to happen. He has filed a restraining order on Angel and may pursue criminal charges.

Angel claims she’s not trying to get money out of him and what she’s saying is true.

The two did get married despite the allegations.

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