Starz Blames 50 Cent For Leaking Season 5 Finale


It’s not like this would be the first time an episode was leaked. I saw Raina die before the episode was televised. It didn’t stop me from watching the season finale and that’s  what Starz is claiming will happen this time around.

Per HotNewHipHop, the season 5 finale was leaked and they blame 50 cent and hopes it wont bring down the ratings. 50 Cent, the nonchalant guy that he is, went on Instagram and responded to Starz “Now STARZ is mad at me because they think I leaked the last episode of POWER. well it’s not like I’m acting in it ,they will get over it my numbers were bigger last time. LOL get the strap.”

Funny because he didnt’ say he didn’t do it.

Check out the episode this Sunday and the leak footage is out there somewhere if you’re impatient.


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