Lady Speaks: My 5 Winners & Losers From Week 1


If you lose week 1, don’t panic. There’s plenty of games left to make the playoffs and we cannot fully judge a team yet off the first game. Week 1 was what I expected: disappointments, shockers, “who is this guy?!” and some vets who still got it and some who were doubted.

Here are my losers and winners from the first week of football.


5. Steelers


To be the first team to almost get beat by the Cleveland Browns is one of the reasons they’re sitting on the losers side. I must say though, their new running back James Connor was very impressive as he’s leading the league already with 135 rushing yards and he scored two touchdowns. The other reason their on the loser side is what are they going to do with LeVeon Bell? After Connor’s performance, some are thinking why give Bell all that money when they got Connor? Or if you do give Bell that money, will the offensive line protect him?

4. Ereck Flowers of the NY Giants


Ereck Flowers was moved from left tackle to right hoping it would make a difference. First two plays say no. The first play was a personal foul call after Flowers trips the defensive linemen, then the second play was a holding call. Eli Manning’s interception was also due to Flowers struggles as the ball was tipped after the Jaguars linemen brushed by Flowers. The exact reason why Giants chose to get Saquon Barkley at the number two pick. Barkley doesn’t need the best line to make plays and with the other offensive weapons Giants have, don’t rank them out just yet. Give them time.

3. Titans/Dolphins


I forgot about this game to honest with you. Mother nature made this game the longest game since the 1970 merger per CBS. After a 7 hour delay, the Titans and Dolphins finish the game and Titans lose Delanie Walker for the season, Marcus Mariota was injured and Derrick Henry had only 26 rushing yards. Talk about killing momentum.

2. Nate Peterman


He didn’t get a first down until the third quarter. Ravens made it look like a NCAA football game beating the Bills 47-3. Peterman has played in a total of 5 games and has a total of 2 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. During the preseason he looked promising, but that’s the preseason. Bills throw in Josh Allen for no apparent reason but at least he was able to get the Bills in field goal range scoring the only 3 points for the Bills. Supposedly Peterman will be starting in week 2 but you traded up to get Josh Allen for a reason.

1. Jon Gruden


141 million dollar linebacker’s trade & losing week one made it bad for highly respected coach Jon Gruden. After the Khalil Mack trade, the defense didn’t get better but got a little worse. Plus Gruden’s claims that Mack didn’t want to be there doesn’t help. Did you talk to Mack? Was it your plan to get rid of him from the beginning? Mack held out and lost money to leave, not stay?

Plus it looks like Derek Carr and Gruden weren’t on the same page during the game.

LA Rams Todd Gurley had a field day against the Raiders defense with 108 rushing yards, 39 receiving yards and a touchdown. Jared Goff’s rating was 97.2, sacked only once and no interceptions. Goff was barely pressured during this game and that’s where Mack is missing. We saw what he did though for the Bears.


5. NY Jets


Sam Darnold’s first play was an interception but I believe it was rookie nerves. He had no more turnovers for the rest of the game and scored 2 touchdowns on Matt Patricia’s Lions defense. Isaiah Crowell had to remind people who he was with his 102 yards (averaging 10 yards per carry) and 2 touchdowns. He’s currently in the 4th spot for leading rushers. Jets defense picked off Matthew Stafford 4 times and scored a touchdown. It’s week 1 but is it finally the turnaround point for the Jets?

4. Alex Smith & Adrian Peterson


If you look at the NFC East, Alex Smith is the best quarterback in that division. Smith proved he can manage a game and fit any team even with injuries. Throughout his career, Smith has been plagued with injured teams but still gets his numbers and his team to the playoffs. Before the season started, Redskins rookie running back Derrius Guice tore his ACL, receiver Robert Davis broke his leg and tore his LCL and tight end Manasseh Garner tore his ACL. Smith ends with 255 yards, 2 touchdowns and 14 rushing yards alongside Adrian Peterson’s 96 rushing yards, 70 receiving yards and 1 touchdown. Peterson moved up to the 10th spot (over Marshall Faulk and Jim Brown) for most rushing yards in NFL history. These two have a chip on their shoulder so watch out.

3. Browns tie


They didn’t lose but they didn’t win either. They had the chance to win but new quarterback Tyrod Taylor throws an interception not thinking to just get in field goal range. Ben Roethlisberger came out with turnover after turnover and Myles Garrett showed how dominant he is when healthy. He had 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbled in the Browns opener. The Browns will not be winless this season and I am excited to see what they do next week against the Saints.

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick


It was a shoot out between Fitzpatrick and Drew Brees (combined 856 passing yards – WOW). What happened? Saints have a great quarterback, dangerous running game and a strong defense and Fitzpatrick destroyed them with 4 touchdowns. Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson each had over 140 receiving yards in this game (combined 3 touchdowns). Don’t forget about Jackson – he should be considered top 10 in the receiving category. Saints managed to get their points in the air since Kamara was shut down by Bucs defense with only 29 rushing yards. Saints still could of won this game if there was more time on the clock. But no one was expecting this from Fitzpatrick whose substituting for a suspended Jameis Winston. I bet Winston’s not kidding around anymore after that performance.

1.Aaron Rodger’s comeback against the new Bears


What a way to end Sunday football. This was indeed the best game of week 1 and scariest for Packers fans. When Aaron Rodgers went down, the whole stadium was silent. Not just because of the big contract he signed, but because it’s Aaron Rodgers. Khalil Mack showed why he was worth the money and tortured the Packers with 1 sack, 1 fumble, 1 interception and a touchdown. He’s only been with the team for a few days. However Rodgers came back in the second half and the Bears couldn’t score anything but 2 field goals against Rodgers 27 points. I have both teams at number one for the simple fact that the Bears gave up two picks for one player who has had a big impact on the organization and Rodgers doing what he does best if you give him time in the 4th and he did it without his go-to guy Jordy Nelson. Watch for the Bears this season; they’re the real deal.

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