“Happy Weight” Is Real; Here’s How Much You Gain When In A Relationship


A study was done with 2,000 people in relationships and according to the numbers, three out of four gained some weight.

The study, done by OnePoll on behalf of Jenny Craig according to Fox News,   shows that the average weight gained by a person in a relationship is 36 pounds and 17 pounds are gained in the first year. The shocker is men are more likely to gain the weight in the first year than women.

Why is this?

41 percent is dining out, especially in a new relationship. 34 percent is due to Netflix and chill. When the ordering out, cooking at home and drinking at home increases. You’ve reached the comfort zone and the study says that takes about one year and five months unless you’re 18 to 24 years old; that only takes 10 months. Then there’s marriage where 57 percent said they gained weight (average 17 pounds) their first year of marriage.

Just work out with your partner, decrease your cheat days and you’ll be fine. Trust, I know.


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