High School Linebacker Tells First Responder “I Can’t Feel My Body” After Injury In Game; Dies Later at Hospital


A 16-year old student athlete has died after losing consciousness on the sideline during a game.

Per CNN, linebacker Dylan Thomas came out the game after suffering an injury in the third quarter for the Pike County Pirates in Georgia and became incoherent. His coach Brad Webber claimed it was a leg injury but when Thomas woke up when responders showed, he said, “I can’t feel my body.”

He was airlifted and died Sunday night from a head injury.

National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research reports that 13 died playing football last year and nine were middle school/high school students. Two were directly from on-field injuries and seven were indirect (ex: heatstroke, cardiac arrest, etc).

Coach Webber says he’s not sure when or how he was injured in the game. The video of the game will be reviewed.


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