Lady Speaks: My 5 Winners & Losers From Week 4


Redskins and Panthers got a break while we saw another week of overtimes, bad play calling and match ups that exposed teams we believed were the real deal.

A very exciting week 4 so I did my best to get only 5 in the top for my winners and losers.



5. Browns


Yes, they lost. I know. However, if you watched that game, you saw a new Cleveland Browns team with Baker Mayfield at quarterback. They even scored 42 points and that hasn’t been done since September 16 2007 when Derek Anderson was quarterback and Kellen Winslow had 100 yards in that game against the Bengals.

You can argue it was up against a Khalil Mack-less Raiders defense but the Raiders defense almost stopped the undefeated (at the time) Dolphins last week. The running game is coming together with Carlos Hyde and Nick Chubb and any team will tell you, like the Saints, there’s nothing better than having that 1, 2 punch (or if you prefer thunder and lightning) running core. Their schedule isn’t easy these next few weeks but I believe an upset or two will happen.



I know, against the Dolphins but they were undefeated and four of their corners/safeties have one interception or more. The Patriots needed this win bad after back to back losses and the talks of the Bellichick/Brady era crumbling. Josh Gordon only has 49 receiving yards so far but this steal of a trade will be a factor soon . It’s too early to master the complicated Bellichick system. “We picked Josh up in a trade two weeks into the year, now that he’s our teammate, we have to get to know each other, because you can build that trust and chemistry in different ways,” Brady said on WEEI. “We got along well.” The return of Julian Edelman will put the Patriots back on track. Never count out Tom Brady.


3. Game-Winning Touchdowns


A.J Green for the Bengals and Corey Davis for the Titans came through for their team with game-winning catches to win in overtime. Must give credit to the quarterbacks for getting the team down the field too but those catches weren’t easy catches, especially Davis who was tackled mid-air and Green who escaped a Cover 2. Green’s and Davis’s game-winning touchdown were their only touchdowns of the game which makes it even better. Both games showed me that these two teams are fighting hard for the win even when the odds are against them. Green said, “They pay me big bucks to make the big plays. When it comes down to it, that’s where legends are made. Hall of Famers, that’s what they do in big moments, and that’s what I tried to do.”




The Bears. 6 touchdowns, no interceptions against the Buccaneers defense? Fitzmagic loses his touch with a 49.8 quarterback rating & is benched for Jameis Winston? Say it ain’t so.

As I said before the season and Khalil Mack trade, the Bears are my sleepers. It’s only week 4 but the Bears are leading the NFC North with a 3-1 record over Packers, Vikings and Lions. Their defense is scary and is one of the top right now, sitting top 10 in all categories (total allowed yards, passing, rushing, points and 3rd down conversions). Mack has had a sack and fumble in every game as a Chicago Bear. If the defense and Mitch Trubisky keep this up, expect them in the playoffs.


1.Patrick Mahomes


He may be the real deal. 1200 yards, 14 touchdowns, 0 interceptions and a 126.5 quarterback rating. Still not 100% sold on the overall team since their defense still can’t shut out the opponent forcing Mahomes to do what he does and that’s scoring multiple touchdowns and averaging 300 yards a game.  It seems like the Alex Smith move is favoring the Chiefs (and Redskins who are currently leading the NFC East, just not undefeated). Good thing for Andy Reid because if Mahomes was a bust, he would of been out of a job.





5. Cardinals


The only winless team and you have one of the best receivers in the league on your team. Oh how I wished Larry Fitzgerald never signed that extension but he did say, “If I’m not playing in Arizona, I won’t be playing anywhere.” Josh Rosen had his first start with 180 yards and 1 touchdown. So not a terrible start. Once he gets in rhythm, maybe things will turnaround for Arizona.


4. Bills


How you go from shocking every football fan and win against the Minnesota Vikings on their home field and then score zip against the Packers? I know Vontae Davis was close to having a change of heart after the Bills win against the Vikings but he went back to his retirement plans after this L. Bills offensive line allowed their rookie quarterback Josh Allen to get sacked 7 times in this game. He’s been sacked 18 times since the beginning of the season. If Tyrod Taylor wasn’t your future and Nate Peterman isn’t, then you may want to protect Allen.


3.Ryan Fitzmagic


It was fun while it lasted. At least it gave Tampa Bay something to talk about. I honestly wasn’t expecting “Fitzmagic” to last for long.  I saw what he did in NY for the Jets. “We didn’t play well, obviously. That’s the understatement of the day, but we didn’t play well in any of the phases,” Fitzpatrick said. Jameis Winston will take over but who knows what will happen if Winston doesn’t exceed expectations. Winston said, “These three weeks I took very seriously.”


2. Earl Thomas


Before you get mad at LeVeon Bell Steelers fans, this is a prime example on why Bell is holding out. Earl Thomas was holding out just like Bell to get a value-matching contract but unlike Bell, Thomas decided to play. Season opener, Thomas intercepts Broncos’ Case Keenum and it marked his 9th consecutive season with an interception. He showed the Seahawks why they needed to pay him. Unfortunately now, he will miss the season with a broken bone in his left leg and value drops big time for the 6-time Pro Bowler . Thomas let the Seahawks feel his hate and flipped them off after his season-ending injury.


1.Frank Reich’s 4th down play.


You don’t want to tie, understandable. But you do want to win! It came down to this on this 4th down: Punt and get a tie or go for the win but can give Texans a position to win as well. I would of done what Reich did only in Madden. He’s not mad about his decision either, “I’ll do that 10 times out of 10. That’s just the way it got to roll.”  So instead of going 1-2-1, you’re 1-3. What makes it even worse is this is Andrew Luck’s best game since his return with 464 yards, 4 touchdowns and no interceptions.

Coach better hope this loss, instead of a tie, is not the reason they don’t make playoffs.


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