Lady Speaks: Winners & Losers From Week 7

Another over time, another record-breaking game, another game lost by a field goal and we manage to still have an undefeated team. Almost half way into the season and it seems my Super Bowl prediction is on the right track (LAR vs. NE) since my Giants are lost in the sauce.






I actually had the Bengals winning this game who just came off of a BYE week. Plus, they looked really good so far but Patrick Mahomes shut them down quick scoring 4 touchdowns, 358 passing yards and 45 rushing yards. Chiefs defense did well but they’re still average to me. Even though Bengals only had 10 points, Andy Dalton was playing at a 63 quarterback rating but still got to AJ Green for 117 yards. Seems the Bengals got too much rest during BYE week.


4. Undefeated


LA Rams remain the only undefeated team after playing the Raiders, Cardinals, Chargers, Vikings, Seahawks, Broncos and the 49ers. The defense kept it together after losing Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, Todd Gurley continues to bully NFL defenses and Jared Goff is comfortable. “One of the best defensive performances I’ve been around,” said Goff.

They are the best team in the NFL but didn’t make my number one spot because for winners because there was much more going on this week.


3. Drew Brees


After becoming the all-time passing leader in the NFL, Drew Brees is now part of the ‘500 Touchdown’ club. “People don’t give his athleleticism enough credit,” said left tackle Terron Armstead. He scored his 500th touchdown against a dominant Ravens defense in Baltimore which makes it sweeter. To add the cherry on top is the missed extra point by the Ravens but we’ll save that for the loser side.


2. Patriots


They are still that good. Yes, they had their little fluke in the beginning of the season but their fine now. It’s Tom & Bill. They beat one of the best defenses in Chicago without Rob Gronkowski and Josh Gordon got his first 100-yard game (last one was in New Years Eve). However, the Patriots almost gave all of their fans a heart attack when Mitch Trubisky’s hail mary was caught but a yard short to force overtime.


1.Adam Thielen


Played ball at a Division II school, undrafted in the 2013 NFL Draft and was about to sell dental equipment before the Vikings were blown away by his performance at a combine at Texas AT&T stadium. Panthers and 49ers were also interested in him but Vikings got to him first. The 28-year old receiver is catching over 100 yards per game this season and is leading the NFL with 822 yards. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is.




5.Browns fumble in OT


You would think the Browns would be tired (physically and mentally) of overtime games. Right when they got a chance to win it, Anthony Auclair fumbles the ball on a punt return and gives Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers field goal range to win. What can go wrong does go wrong for the Browns (but hey, their record is better than many).




The only touchdown scored in this game wasn’t by Blake Bortles or Leonard Fournette or the defense. The seven in the third was by Cody Kessler, the backup who took over Bortles spot after being benched. Yes, benched. But the Jaguars are going to start Bortles next week anyway according to coach Doug Marrone statement on Monday. “I spoke to both quarterbacks this afternoon and told them Blake will be our team’s starting quarterback. I believe this gives us the best opportunity to win.”

Interesting. Maybe this was a “put him in timeout” tactic but the Jaguars are falling apart yet still in with a 3-4 record.


3.Bears Hail Mary


This would of been the play of this season if this got into the end zone. A 54-yard hail mary that got to the hands of Kevin White at the one yard line. I really wanted to put the Patriots on the loser side for letting that happen but Taylor Gabriel was right there for Harmon to pitch him the ball but it doesn’t happen. It wouldn’t of won them the game but it would of got them into overtime unless the extra point went wrong like for the next guy on my list.



2. Justin Tucker’s first


With 24 seconds left in the game, the Ravens score a touchdown with a 14-yard touchdown pass from Joe Flacco to John Brown. Now, they need their veteran kicker Tucker to kick the extra point to tie the game and to go into overtime against the Saints. Tucker misses his first extra point conversion in his career.

Tucker told reporters, “you play long enough, you’re going to have a kick that you want back.” He was 222 for 222 and is considered one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL in his 7th season. 222 for 223 is not that bad. His facial expression when he missed it was also why he made it on the list.


1.New York Giants & Play Calling


This week, Eli Manning led in passing yards (399). This week, two Giants receivers led in receiving yards (Sterling Shepard 167, Odell Beckham Jr 143). Yet they still lose.

No, I will not put this all on Eli or the defense. Unsure what Pat Shurmur was doing but some of the calls he was making I would only do in Madden. He didn’t go a field goal while in the red zone and yes, I see the explanations and numbers and all that. However, I’m looking at the Giants. They have had a horrible season when it comes to scoring within the red zone. That’s what I’m looking at. So no, I would of went for the field goal. Two point conversion that wasn’t needed but we want to blame Odell? The Giants lost by 3.

That field goal opportunity looked pretty good afterwards.

Then trade Eli Apple and Damon ‘Snacks’ Harrison for late round picks?! New York is about to explode.

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