After Getting Ejected For “Brutal Hit” on Big Ben, the NFL Drug Tests Him


I know the NFL changed their rules to keep their players (well the quarterbacks) safe, but can we really say that the hit from Eric Reid on Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was bad enough to get ejected? Or even a flag?

To make matters worse, the NFL “randomly” drug tests him after the Panthers loss according to the Charlotte Observer. Coincidental?

“This is like the fifth time since I’ve been here..They’re not going to catch me on anything,” Reid said.

Let’s be honest.

Reid and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick went against the NFL when it came to the protests. Teams did not want to sign either player and it wasn’t because they’re not good football players. That’s why Reid & Kaepernick started the collusion case and the NFL is trying to find some way to make these two look bad since the judge denied them of throwing out the collusion case. In August, the judge ordered the case to go to trial. Kaepernick can’t be touched since he’s not signed with any team but Reid can.

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