Malcolm Jenkins Explains How Any Quarterback Could of Done What Dak Prescott Did In 2016

In 2016, Dak Prescott was Rookie of The Year and the Dallas Cowboys looked promising. Since then, the Cowboys are just another team in the NFC East.

We’ve heard Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin go back and forth about Prescott and the Cowboys and now Eagles Malcolm Jenkins wants to add his input.

“I think that the cast is a little bit different than what he had that year that can make anyone look good.”

He then goes on and explains what he means by the cast.

“Zeke was leading the league in rushing. They had Jason Witten, Dez Bryant was playing well, Cole Beasley and the best offensive line in the league at the time.

Prescott’s passing rate is currently at 88.9. Back in 2016, 104.9.

Jenkins goes on, “I think when you look at the team now it’s not just the case when you talk about his surrounding cast, so that changes everybody. Plus, the league catches up to you. It’s just how it goes, but when you look at small things, the development of a quarterback, whether it’s the accuracy, the ability to throw the ball against pressure or getting in and out of checks. I think we’ve seen a bit of maturation.

The Cowboys did lose notable players since the 2016 season and it’s a factor for the young quarterback. It’s Jerry Jones’s job to get a supporting catalog. Not just leave it up to Prescott or have him deal with what he has. You can be a great quarterback and go through the same struggles as Prescott. Look at the great Tom Brady. When he had no weapons, he struggled. One of the main reasons Patriots lost to the Broncos in the 2013-14 playoffs. Look at Aaron Rodgers and his team now. It’s like every week Rodgers is cursing out one of his players.

Prescott has a chance to show Jenkins he can still be that 2016 quarterback even with the roster change tomorrow night for Sunday night football.

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