Lady Speaks: My 5 Winners & Losers from Week 10


Its around that time where we know if teams are the real deal or just a fluke. Even though we’re passed the mid-mark, some of the division are still up in the air. It’s going to be a very interesting seven weeks.

My apologizes for missing Week 9.


5.NY Giants


A win they needed. The Giants may be 2-7 but they are still in it for the NFC East. Odell Beckham caught two touchdowns, the most in one game this season, Saquon Barkley still getting his 100+ yards a game and Eli Manning got everyone in the game: Beckham, Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram and even Corey Coleman. Offensive line stepped it up big time as Manning was only sacked one time in this game compared to the seven from last game. Beckham said during his postgame interview, “It has to go the offensive line tonight and it has to go to eli – Eli was phenomenal.”

They were in sync and this is currently their best of game of the season.

4.Ezekiel Elliot


He made the Eagles defense look dreadful with that incredible hurdle and his 151 rushing yards. This is his fourth game with over 100 yards rushing. It’s a nice recover from their last loss to the Titans and after Michael Irvin spoke so highly of them. The NFC East is still up for grabs, believe it or not.

3.Matt Barkley & LeSean McCoy


LeSean McCoy left a mark with this game. No wonder the Eagles were trying to get him (and the Eagles running game is terrible). This is his first 100+ rushing yard game and touchdown (2) of the season. Same goes for Matt Barkley who hasn’t started a game since 2016 (Chicago Bears). Only sacked one time, Barkley threw for 232 yards and two touchdowns with ease. Bills scored 41 points. They haven’t done that since October 16 2016 (Bills 45 – 49ers 16).

All the same, Bills said they will still start Josh Allen when healthy.



They’re the real deal. Like I stated a couple of weeks ago, once they got use to not having Le’Veon Bell, they would be on a roll. The Steelers scored 21 just in the first quarter embarrassing the Carolina Panthers who just shutdown the Buccaneers last week. Ben Roethlisberger is in the top five for passing yards, Antonio Browns leads the league in receiving touchdowns and James Conner is ranked third in rushing touchdowns and yards. The Steelers path to the Super Bowl looks pretty good right now. Wouldn’t that make Bell mad?

1.Nick Chubb & the Browns

Regardless of Damontae Kazee leading the league in interceptions, it wasn’t enough for Baker Mayfield who scored three touchdowns, his most in one game of the season so far. The other star rookie Nick Chubb made history with having the longest rush play in Browns history with a 92-yard touchdown. Chubb closed out the game wuth 209 yards (176 rushing yards and 33 receiving yards). Like I’ve said in previous weeks, any running back with 200+ yards is number one in my book.


5.Bengals defense

Granted it’s Drew Brees you’re going up against, but three touchdown passes in the first half? Along with Alvin Kamara’s two. The Saints are averaging 36.7 points per game and the first team to beat the LA Rams. With that being said, I was expecting the Bengals defense to be energetic after coming off of a bye week and more prepared. However, they still manage to be 2nd in the AFC North so that’s why they’re at the bottom of the loser list.



They don’t know what to do honestly. I said in the beginning that it was all a fluke and I was right. Ryan Fitzpatrick did throw for 406 yards but couldn’t score one touchdown. Their offense is leading the league with passing yards and total yards. That’s how much Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston throw and get no where. The DeSean Jackson and Mike Evans fire is gone, Peyton Barber is playing like an average running back and the defense is inadequate. So much for that magic they had a few weeks ago.

3. Raiders


The only team to have one win with such a coach in Jon Gruden. They have two more seasons left in Oakland. Their statistically at the bottom of everything, offensively and defensively. They gave up Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper but they did receive several first round picks for the two stars. Maybe you can find another Cooper, but it’s not everyday you find a defensive monster like Mack. For $100 million and the team they had before he trades, I’m thinking it’s about to be their year. But hey, Gruden had nine years left to go with the Raiders.

I truly feel bad for the fans who reside in Oakland.

2. Tre Sullivan

1.Todd Bowles & the Jets


How he still has his job is mind-blowing to me. After my editorial on how Jets could win against the Bills, they literally did the opposite of everything I said. Defense to get turnovers, watch out for LeSean McCoy, offensive line protect the veteran Josh McCown. No, they let him get sacked three times and pressure forced McCown to throw two interceptions. Furthermore, you allowed Matt Barkley to score 41. I’m surprised he wasn’t fired right after the game.

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