Lady Speaks: My 5 Winners & Losers From Week 11


Last night was probably the best game of the season so far and might be the Super Bowl match up this year. However, we cannot ignore the fact that other teams looked their best this week and can also make it to the championship. For other teams, I see some changes happening to their roster in the upcoming off season.



5. Julio Jones Turns Into a Corner

Not the first time Jones has saved Matt Ryan from throwing a pick. Jones had to convert from a receiver to a corner fast when the ball was overthrown and into the hands of Cowboys safety Jeff Heath. Jones rocks Heath with a great tackle and Heath loses the ball. Besides that, Jones racked up another 100+ yards in this game, his 7th of the season. Now that’s a great overall player. I think it’s time to pay up Falcons.





Drew Brees looks more like a MVP each and every game with his 126.9 quarterback rating, breaking records and getting every one involved in the game. This time, it wasn’t Michael Thomas but wide receiver Tre’Quan Smith who destroyed the Eagles defense with 157 yards. “This week, they covered up Mike, so this was my time to shine,” said Smith.

On the other hand, the Eagles don’t seem to be the defending champs with the lack of a running game, injuries and no dominant receiver, even with the addition of Golden Tate. The Saints are top six in everything offensively (yards, points 3rd down conversions) and their defense has improved as well. When I look at the rest of their schedule, doesn’t seem like they’ll have any real big issues except maybe the Pittsburgh Steelers.


3. Tyreek Hill

To catch 215 yards on the L.A. Rams is phenomenal. Only with 10 catches at that. Hill made it look easy in the offensive battle but the Rams managed to take the win. He also became the third-fastest player to get 10 receiving touchdowns in Chiefs history.



2. Chicago Bears


They’re taking over the NFC North when no one expected it, except for me of course. They made all the right moves after last season picking up Allen Robinson, drafting Anthony Miller, Roquan Smith and giving up draft picks for Khalil Mack.  There is a future with Mitch Trubisky and is currently at 97.7 in quarterback rating and a 65% completion rate. What a surprise, Packers are not the best team in the NFC North anymore.


1.Rams & Chiefs Monday Night Showdown


Two of the top three offensive powerhouses met for a highly anticipated game and it was what we expected. In total, 824 passing yards, 56 first downs and 105 points. All that passing and yet it came down to a field goal (3 points). When Cooper Kupp was confirmed out for the season, I’m thinking it was a big blow to the offense but Jared Goff wasn’t phased at all. Patrick Mahomes had six touchdowns in this game with Travis Kelce getting his season-high with 127 receiving yard.

What happened to the defense is another thing,





After Aaron Rodgers was considered the best quarterback after he got that new contract but it doesn’t seem to be that way anymore. Maybe he came back to soon after that first game injury or the play-calling is not where it use to be. I know one thing is the line is not protecting Rodgers who was sacked five times against the Seahawks. He’s been sacked 30 times this season. Once upon a time, Rodgers had the time of day to throw those hail marys. Despite all the negativity, he’s only thrown one interception and has a 102.2 quarterback.


4. Jags Go Down


Jaguars went from a playoff team to the the bottom of the AFC South. What happened? Blake Bortles is showing you who he really is, Leonard Fournette cannot stay healthy, they traded Dante Fowler to the LA Rams and Jalen Ramsey was talking too much. Even with Ramsey’s two interceptions on Ben Rothelisberger and their defense  still being in the top five when it comes to total yards and ninth in allowed points., the Steelers came back and stole the game.

Good thing the Jaguars denied the Ramsey trade rumors but it still won’t help with the hothead corner if he decides it may be time to move on.


3.Back & Forth in Tampa


The Buccaneers look silly going back & forth with Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick. It’s like a game of “your it” for the quarterbacks. After Fitzpatrick was benched , Winston did make an impression in the second half  scoring 21 points just in the fourth quarter. The 3-7 are done for the season as I don’t see them out-beating the Saints or Panthers for a spot in the playoffs. Maybe their using this time to see who will stay and who will go.


2. Botched 2 Points instead of Easy Kick

I know he wants this play back but wow! Newton did what he was supposed to do as a  good quarterback and get the touchdown on the last drive with DJ Moore and set up for the extra point. They could of went for the field goal to tie but Ron Rivera wanted to win and go home. Newton says he doesn’t blame coach, “He trusted in me, and I’ve got to uphold my end of the bargain. I didn’t do that. I let this team down, and I’ve just got to be better.” What’s with coaches like Rivera and Frank Reich this year?



1.Alex Smith Out, Sign Mark Sanchez


When Alex Smith goes down for the season, you automatically think Mark Sanchez?  Granted, he’s made the playoffs twice (2009, 2010) but Jets had a monster defense during that time. Let’s take a look at Sanchez’s last season starting and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernicks.

Kaepernick played 12 games in 2016 and had 16 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. To be fair, I’ll go to the last season Sanchez played the same or more than 12 games which would be 2012 with the Jets. He had 13 touchdowns and 18 interceptions.

Colt McCoy will be the starter and Sanchez as the back up. Still, without Smith, I see the Redskins losing their spot in the NFC East.





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