Kareem Hunt Speaks About What Happened That Night & What NFL Team Will Sign Him Next

Kareem Hunt did a live interview today on Sunday Countdown after he was released from the Kansas City Chiefs.

A video from a Cleveland hotel shows Hunt pushing a woman, her punching him back and then him kicking her after a verbal altercation. Hunt says he didn’t know the woman as it was his first time meeting her.

Police did investigate the incident when the woman reported it but after several witnesses backed Hunt’s story that nothing happened and with no video footage at the time, police closed the case with no arrest.

“I was raised better than that,” Hunt said. However, he does admit that he lied to the Chiefs organization. “I didn’t tell them everything.”

As Hunt will be avaliable off waivers this week, he was asked if he thinks anyone will pick him up.

“Honestly I don’t know. I hope so. I worked for this my entire life. I’ll do whatever it takes to earn people’s trust back.” He faces up to a six game suspension according to Ian Rapaport. So even if he is signed, he won’t be able to play until late next season.

In his second season, Hunt has produced 2,151 rushing yards, 833 receiving yards and 25 touchdowns (10 receiving).

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