Steve Smith Says Stop Making Excuses For Cam Newton’s Sloppy Performance

Former Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith shared his football career with quarterback Cam Newton and we all know the two bumped head and their relationship didn’t end on good terms. So it wasn’t hard for Smith to speak his mind on Newton and his recent performance.

Newton has suffered a shoulder injury so many would believe this is whats causing the inaccuracy in his passes.

“Everybody wants to say ‘His shoulder’s the reason why he overthrew a six-foot-five wide receiver’. No: His footwork was the reason he overthrew a six-foot-five wide receiver. His footwork was the reason that (he missed Jarius Wright, who was open in the endzone. Or the back-shoulder throw that he threw a million miles per hour to Curtis Samuel. Footwork.” Smith said.

Panthers are on a five-game losing streak and now have to fight to get back into the playoff spot.

There are some things that you can correct, and then there’s some opponent things (that) happen that causes you (to make a mistake).”

Panthers want to fix this now as their last three games are the New Orleans Saints (twice) and the Atlanta Falcons.

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