A New Years Eve “Deal” at 40/40 Club is $12,000?! Here’s What This Costly Jay Z Package Includes


New Years Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year and New York City is the number one place to be. With thousands of clubs and people, club owners are going to take advantage of the once a year moment.

The 40/40 club, owner by Jay Z, is a very popular spot and will be hosted by DJ envy this New Years.

Not a typical club you can just walk in like some New York clubs. You have to purchase in advance and it’s going to cost you to be in Jay Z’s club.

The best package you can get for this club is $12,148!

According to Event Brite, it’s called the Jay Z Lounge package. Here’s what the tag includes:

  • Entrance for 80 guests
  • Private VIP with 6 plasma screen TVs
  • Custom pool table
  • Private wait staff
  • tab for $5,000 that can be applied to food and/or drinks

Or you can do the general entry for almost $80.

There are other packages that range from $4,000 to $7,000. The deals in the hundreds are table for two ($166), VIP Stadium Seating ($413) but adding taxes, gratuity and fees could increase by $150 or thousands.

If you got it, enjoy!


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