Dez Byrant Gives His View on Cowboys Giving 1st Round Pick For Amari Cooper; Smart or Dumb Move?


The Dallas Cowboys let their long time receiver Dez Bryant go but weren’t expecting Jason Witten to retire or Terrance Williams to become a bust right after. The Cowboys had no receiver core and Bryant finally got picked up by the Saints. Unfortunately, Bryant tore his Achilles before he could even set foot on the field with his new team.

Raiders announced receiver Amari Cooper was on the trade block and Jerry Jones gave up a first round pick for the 24-year old from Alabama.

“Probably the best thing the could’ve ever done,” Byrant said on 105.3 The Fan’s Ben and Skin show.

The Cowboys took over the NFC East since the Cooper addition and he has 674 yard and six touchdowns.

“The dude is phenomenal. I don’t know what Oakland was doing.”

Raiders have let two top players go this season – Cooper and Khalil Mack. As of right now, the Raiders are the number two pick for next year’s draft while the Cowboys and Chicago Bears are playoff bound. Saints are also heading to the playoffs as a number one seed in the NFC.




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