Alex Fine The New “Mr. Steal Ya Girl”? Cassie’s New Man Is The Trainer Diddy Paid For Before Breakup


There’s a mix reaction when it comes to Cassie’s new man. One side is saying she deserves it after Diddy’s been with her for a decade with no ring, no kids – nothing. Well besides of course the penthouses, luxurious vacations and lavish lifestyle. Then there’s the other side where it looks like she was playing Diddy for quite some time which explains why she wasn’t so devastated about their break up.

25-year old Alex Fine and 32-year old Cassie Ventura enjoyed the New Year together posting photos on Instagram and Sources claim Diddy is hurt after Cassie revealed the new man in her life – plus he knows him.

Reports claim that Fine is a celebrity trainer and Diddy hired him after it didn’t work our with another trainer Jamal Liggin and his overwhelming schedule. Liggin actually recommended Fine to Diddy.

Unsure if Cassie and Fine were messing around before the fall 2018 breakup but sources claim they didn’t start dating until after the breakup.

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