Lady Speaks: Prediction For Colts Vs. Texans Wildcard Game

Tomorrow is the first round of Wildcard games and both games will be close.

The Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans start at 4:35 p.m. EST. I believe which ever quarterback wins this game may be considered the Comeback Player of The Year. That being Andrew Luck or Deshaun Watson.

Besides the two quarterbacks, you have two dominant receivers, TY Hilton and Deandre Hopkins. Last game, Hilton had 199 receiving yards on Texans defense so the Texans will have to stick to Hilton and JJ Watt has to get through this line and get to Luck.

Luck has only been sacked 18 times this season, twice in the last three games. Watt is ranked second in the league with sacks (16) and sacked Luck three times in their last two matchups. Texans defense must hoover over Luck and force him out the pocket since he’s only averaging nine rushing yards a game.

This is where Watson is a threat.

Compared to Luck’s nine rushing yards, Watson is averaging 34 rushing yards a game and has five rushing touchdowns. So if his receivers cant get open, he will use his speed and run it himself. Colts defense forcing Watson out the pocket multiple times will happen with an offensive line who allowed 62 sacks on Watson this season and Watson has been pressured more than 44% of his dropbacks this season. However, he handles it well as Watson had 76 rushing yards and one touchdown against the Colts who sacked him 12 times.

Texans and Colts are 1-1 this season, both games won by three points. So I expect the same with this Wildcard game but Watson’s talent outside the pocket and Texans 5th ranked defense will help the Texans overcome.

Either way, what a year for both quarterbacks who’ve suffered significant injuries.

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