Lady Speaks: Prediction For Seahawks Vs. Cowboys Wildcard Game

The Seattle Seahawks are 4-1 in the last five meetings against the Dallas Cowboys. The most recent match up was September 23 where the Seahawks won by 11.

I expect the Seahawks to go 5-1 after Saturday night’s game.

It’s all on Dak Prescott and what he can and will do against the 16th ranked defense. We saw Prescott and receiver Amari Cooper have a phenomenal game against the Philadelphia Eagles on December 9. Cooper had 217 yards, three touchdowns and Prescott had 455 passing yards and three touchdowns. However, this was against an injured Eagles secondary. Even though Cooper wasn’t on the team when the Seahawks played the Cowboys earlier this season, Cooper hasn’t had a game over 32 yards since his 217 yard game.

Prescott can throw it to Cole Beasley but he’s been a nonfactor with three touchdowns this whole season.

Of course Ezekiel Elliott will be the number one threat for the Cowboys leading the league with 1,434 rushing yards. He has 127 rushing yards against the Seahawks earlier this season but zero touchdowns and one fumble.

Prescott had his share of turnovers that game with two interceptions and overall is tied for most fumbles this season. When the Cowboys don’t turn over the ball, they’re 7-0.

Russell Wilson may not be running the ball as much as he did last seaaon, but he’s playing it safe and ties his career low in interceptions (7). Plus the connection between Wilson and Tyler Lockett led to 10 touchdowns this season, putting Lockett sixth (tied) in the league. Their last matchup, Lockett scored a 52-yard touchdown on the Dallas defense.

Despite the fact Elliott leads the league in rushing yards, the Seahawks lead all teams with rushing yards with 160 yards per game.

Seahawks defense knows it’s not impossible to win in Jerry’s world – December 24 2017, they won 21 to 12 in Dallas. I believe Wilson performs better under pressure and will win in this tough battle.

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