Challenges and Prank Videos Banned From YouTube


Guidelines for YouTube were updated yesterday and the video-sharing website has banned all dangerous pranks and challenges.

This comes after the #BirdBoxChallenge in which you perform daily routines blindfolded including driving. A Utah teen got into a car accident doing the challenge. No one was hurt in the crash.

Videos will be banned if the violate the following:

  • Videos that can cause death and/or have caused death in some instances
  • Pranks with a perceived danger of serious physical injury
  • Pranks that cause children to experience severe emotional distress

YouTube is currently working on removing videos that violate the new rules and have given users two months to remove any videos that violate the new rules.

Former PayPal employees started YouTube in 2005 and sold it to Google in November 2006 for $.165 billion. As of 2017, 400 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube each minute per Alexa Internet.

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