Michael Strahan Invites Clemson for Lobster Dinner After Trump’s Fast Food Championship Dinner (Video)


Good Morning America host and former New York Giant Michael Strahan was disappointed in the championship ‘fast food’ dinner Clemson was given by the most powerful man in the nation.

Strahan said yesterday on GMA that the undefeated tigers deserve a proper meal after beating the Alabama Crimson Tide 44-16.

We gonna give you the proper meal that you deserve because that was one great game, a great accomplishment.

Last time Alabama lost in the title game was January 9 2017 against Clemson.

President Donald Trump confirmed he paid for the food out of pocket since the government shut down has caused issues in the kitchen. Migos’ Quavo and Ayesha Curry have also offered to give the Clemson Tigers a real feast.

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