El Chapo’s Mistress Turns On Him & Tells All To The Jury (Video)


Today in court, Lucero Guadalupe Sanchez Lopez told all to save herself.

Since she got arrested in 2017 for moving drugs and laundering money,  Lopez answered all questions and described everything that happened between her and Mexican drug lord, El Chapo.

“Sometimes I loved him. and sometimes I didn’t,” said Lopez.

She illustrated how the relationship started in 2010, when she was 21 and he was in his 50s. After a year, they began the affair.

In October 2011, she began moving 400 kilos of marijuana for him and in 2012, she visited him in various places where she wasn’t allowed her personal cell phone and sometimes blindfolded during travel.

“Until today, I’m still confused, because I thought in our relationship we were romantically involved as partners,” she said.

She tells the jury that she was in fact with him when he escaped through a secret tunnel in 2014.

Chapo became the top drug lord in Mexico in 2003 after his rival Osiel Cardenas Guillen was arrested. His cartel transports cocaine shipments from Colombia through Mexico to the US. He has escaped prison several times starting in 1993 when he bribed prison guards.


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