Jameis Winston Said He Wanted DeSean Jackson to Stay Two Days Before Trade

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston had a tough year after going back and forth with Ryan Fitzpatrick, off field issues and another losing record. He was probably looking forward to this upcoming season after signing Bruce Arians as their new head coach who said he will build a team around the 25-year old quarterback. He forgot to mention that didn’t include DeSean Jackson.

Two days after Winston said he wanted Jackson to stay, the Buccaneers traded Jackson and a 2020 seventh round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for a sixth round pick this draft.

“He’s still one of the best deep-threat targets in the NFL,” Winston said on March 8, two days before Jackson was traded. “I hope he comes back.”

Jackson played in 12 games and 774 receiving yards and four touchdowns.

“We talked briefly. And the thing about having a guy like DeSean Jackson; he’s passionate, he wants to win. When you have a guy like that, really winning and losing really separates how he’s going to react. He wants to be an important part in winning football games and he knows that he is a very important piece to winning football games. So if we were winning, he’s a selfless individual and he’s fine. But when you’re losing and the guy feels like he’s not getting taking advantage of, of course he’s going to have something to say. That’s just his make-up.”

Unsure if Winston was aware of this but Jackson requested a trade back in October 2018.

The Bucs have 10 more million to use in free agency and can pick up a receiver like Golden Tate, Dez Bryant or Randall Cobb who are currently still on the market.

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